Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Make me a Mermaid!

After painting my nails a glittery mint and thinking they'd make a 12 year old mermaid jealous I decided to make a little mermaid inspired feature. I had gathered a few lovely item on Pinterest and then searched Etsy, this led me to I love crafty a shop full of mermaid related goodies! Now I really feel the need to buy The Little Mermaid on DVD, as I haven't seen it for yearrssss....Under the sea, de, de...

1 : Barry M nail varnish - Aqua Glitter 340 and Mint 304
2: Glitter shorts - Topshop or Amazon?!
3: Amazing earrings found on Pinterest, no idea where you buy them, any help?
4: Glittery Mint Purse: delux

5: Mermaid Necklace: imyourpresent
6 and 7: Tights: Carouselink
8: I‘m a real mermaid necklace: I love crafty

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Simple Things

This magazine caught my eye and although it costs a bit more than I like to spend on a magazine I had to have it. It appeals to my tastes in pretty pictures, style and unusual curios. So I may have to buy it again.

It covers everything I like, and try to post about in this blog. There's a inspiring artical on a silk scarf collector, full of great pictures of the said silk scarfs, which is nice to flick through from time to time. There are a number of great recipes and home / gift wish lists. Bread, cycling and collecting seems to be a strong theme within this addition, but I think that will change with each issue. As a whole it invites you to look more, do more and enjoy your free time, which is nice. (If you have lots of free time)