Thursday, 31 May 2012


Ignore the freaking creepy clown in the background and look at that cute outfit! I saw a bit of this film on T.V the other day and this costume caught my eye. I love that it's covered in sequins and the layers of colour, (that merged a lot better on film) It's be great to make a bag or some thing covered in sequins like this. I really love the little wing hair accessories too. I get a lot of inspiration from old films, and will keep an eye out for more!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

May desk

This is a snapshot of my desk right now, it looks almost artfully arranged but it's always like this, and it show all the little projects I'm working on now. 

I'm making more letters for my floral alphabet necklace range (L and J's have sold the most and I need to re-stock!), the prototype arrow necklace which I love! And a gold bow necklace made from up-cycled leather.

Pliers, hole puncher and scalpel are my most used jewellery tools to, and these cutting mats are really useful to make anything on, the squares are a cm in size, so you can constantly check what your doing is the right size and of course it doesn't matter if you cut it or cover it in glue, I'm quite messy and so always do!