Friday, 12 June 2015

My desk

Tuesdays #folksyhour on twitter we shared our desks and talked about what we surrounded ourselves with while we worked.
This photo is cutting out all the draws, shelves and tools that surround my desk but you get a better look at the pretty stuff. I never understand how people in craft people in magazine shoots / on pinterest get by with just a mac computer and a vase of flowers! It was good to see many other people from folksy have the same messy desk equals creative mind approach. I just need everything to hand. I get restless and jump from one task to the next so it helps to have everything i need within reach.

As my computer is on my desk where I work I can't help but be distracted by the internet somtime- but it the main tool for developing my designs and it's where I listen to music so I won't ever switch it of... maybe i should have just a quiet time dedicated to just drawing.

On my desk you can see my latest screen design of a moon bear drawn in pen and ink. This is part of a new project i am working on, more news coming soon!