Thursday, 13 August 2015

Seoul Ssamzie-gil Craft and Art shopping centre

Recently on another #FolksyHour on Twitter we shared our inspiring holidays. I wanted to show you a little more behind the photo I shared of Ssamzie-gil a mini craft and art shopping centre in the heart of Seoul. It was an amazing building full of beautiful independent shops and stalls. There was a wide path that sloped in circles around the whole complex through all the floor. Giant plastic flowers climbed up stairwells, walls were covered with art and grafftii, at the top was a pretty tea garden. All in all a very inspiring place to be! This was where the idea of craft as a business first seeded itself in my brain - although it took many years for me to start myself. I talk about being there in my Made in Bristol Blog feature.

 This looks down into the centre of the open air building.

Left: Awesome little shop that sold cute porcelain items including wind chimes you can see in the window and necklaces with happy trees! Right: Giant flowers. 

Left: Giant flowers. Centre: A corridor with clocks, cupboards and lights all around. Right: Graffiti and post it note tree (which I added my name too)

Left: Cute shop full of bright and beautiful items. Top right: Handmade cork creatures sold on a stall. Bottom right: Spinning disc wall with cartoon artwork.

Plastic curtain covered in glittery creatures.

View of the little capsule shops , I love how each one was so different, wouldn't this be a great thing to do over here? Just imagine it in somewhere like Bristol full of small arty crafty groups!

I went to Seoul as a small stop over on the way to Japan. I really didn't know what to expect but I loved it! Two days here had a big impact and I'd love to go  back. I will show you more of my holiday pics as they make me happy and inspire my work.

Have you been to South Korea, what did you think of Soeul? Did you go to the Ssamzie-gil centre? Have you been inspired by a place you have traveled to?