Thursday, 3 January 2013

Very Bunny

Rabbit earrings are hopping out of my shop faster than any other item, not hard to see why! I love Rabbits as an animal, as a motif and everything else.You can see rabbits scattered through my Pinterest boards. I could probably do a rabbit feature every week for a year with the number of items if collected, pinned and fav'edon Etsy. But for now look at these lovely items;

1: Little rabbit plush. The Black Apple.
2: Rabbit Socks, H&M
3: Rabbit Playsuit: Primark. (It’s sooo cute!)
4: Rabbit Paper Dolls by Wool And Water
5: Rabbit Wallpaper - Muraspec
6: Tea For two.
7: Beautifuly decorated Plate, havn’t found the source yet!

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