Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Aviary

My new T-shirt from The Aviary arrived today in a flurry of paper butterflies! I've been coveting this gorgeous floral cat design since I saw it entered into the People of Print Cat's Protection T-Shirt Design competition. (of which I also entered...I did not win) I really admire [I'm jealous of] The Avairy's style. The illustrations are delicate and intricate and beautiful! Mixing my favourite things; animals, flowers and ink drawings I'm sure to buy more from them, especially in the near future when they launch their own website. Ones to watch, or at least Facebook stalk, as they're making a lot of new things including items made from their digitally printed fabrics; cushions, paper and wallpaper. :D

The T-shirt is really nice as well, but if I'm brave enough I might try to adjust it a bit. The length is great but I'd like a softer neckline and shorter sleeves or at least rolled up cap like sleeves. I'm no good at sewing, so I'll have to enlist the help of my talented seamstress relatives!


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