Sunday, 26 January 2014

Spring 2014 Jewellery

I've gone all floral for my new collection of jewellery designs. Leaving cute animal drawings behind for a moment I've been Inspired by pastel colours and delicate spring and summer flowers. Pinks, yellows, peaches and of whites are the main colours I'm using trying to contrast nicely with greens and blues as you would see in nature. My Pinterest Board 'Spring' best illustrates my ideas and inspirations.

I've also been looking at SS14 fashion shows. They can be a great source of inspiration but I mostly look at them for that fuzzy feeling I get when I see my ideas are 'on trend' (sometimes they're not - *shoulder shrug*) Below are some of the frocks that suit my jewellery ideas the best, I love the super girly prints and embellishments!

Left: Temperley London / Middle: Alberta Ferretti / Right: Mathew Williamson

I'm really hoping to get hold of a lazer cutter next, (I know of a few establishments that have one I can rent) So I'll be doing more designs along the same theme with a more slick finish.  I'll be using different textures and I hope a mature colour palate so my items will be different to a lot of lazer cute accessories out their (which I love- but there's no point in making something that's like everything else)

I will also make a print for bags and scarfs using the floral them, I can't wait to get started and I'm planning to use silk painting, which I've tried in the past along side my silkscreen printing. I'll also be printing my budgies in the spring colours.

On my Pinterest boards you'll also see the next project I'm working on; Tropical summer!


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